the turtle

the famous green hunch back turtle of Béthune

cara and aec small
CanaSco Creations

Artwork by Carolina Sartor
Words by AnElephantCant

The Famous Green Hunch Back Turtle of Béthune
is a fictional character who lives in a real town in Northern France.
This fantasy tale relates, with light humour, his frankly incredible exploits, while also depicting, quite wonderfully, what scenic wonders Béthune does NOT have.

And, of course, its one glorious attraction.

The cast of:
The Famous Green Hunch Back Turtle of Béthune

the turtle himself
8 turtle limbo sample small
a fish with a limp
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the children
the children sample small
the little dog
little dog small
the cat
the cat small
the artist
the artist sample small
the poet
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and lots more